Introducing our delectable Bombay Mixture – a savoury blend of crispy textures and bold flavours, available exclusively at! Savour the traditional taste of India with this iconic snack, meticulously crafted with a mix of crispy lentil strands, crunchy peanuts, aromatic spices, and tangy elements. Perfect for satisfying your cravings or impressing guests at any gathering.

Order now and treat yourself to an authentic snacking experience that captures the essence of Mumbai’s vibrant street food culture!

Images are for Representation only. Color, Texture may differ.


400 GM, 800 GM

3 reviews for Bombay Mixture / Indian Mixture

  1. Ram Saha

    Bombay Mixture done the authentic way! Foodopiya’s version is a flavorful medley of textures and tastes. It’s my go-to snack whenever I want something savory and satisfying.

  2. Kanta Bombilwar

    Irresistibly tasty and crunchy! Foodopiya’s Bombay Mixture is a delightful blend of nuts, spices, and crispy bits. It’s the ultimate snack companion for any occasion.

  3. Vikar Itule

    The Bombay Mixture from Foodopiya is a classic reimagined perfectly. I love how it combines different elements to create a harmonious taste experience.

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Bombay mixture
Bombay Mixture / Indian Mixture
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